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Choreographer Takkies shares with us how she gave birth: Video

Since she announced her pregnancy, the choreographer has shared the journey of her pregnancy with us every step of the way.

Her daughter was born on the 14th of January and since her birth, Takkies has not stopped gushing over her baby girl – Sana Dinners


So when she officially released the video of her giving birth, we were pleasantly surprised that she would share such a special moment with the rest of Mzansi.Takkies mentioned that the day Sana was born was one the best day of her life:


“The best day of my life…meeting @sanadinwiddy.


Birth is so incredible. From the moment your body begins to perform miracles to carry a baby, right through to when you meet your beautiful bundle of joy.”

In the video, we first see Takkie’s husband – Chris walking us through the night Takkies’ water broke. The couple then has a conversation on whether they should immediately go to the hospital. Takkies then gets into a bit of a scar when her water starts pouring down her leg.

We are then walked through Takkies journey from home to the hospital and then finally delivering her baby.The dancing part before the delivery was one of our favourite moments.

Video Below:

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