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Anele Mdoda will forever regret the day she trash talked Kelly Rowland

After topping the Twitter trends list on Wednesday, Anele Mdoda is sticking to her original statement about Kelly Rowland.

The “Coffee” hitmaker unintentionally riled up South African tweeps after she posted a thirst trap picture.

In case you missed it, Mdoda was dragged last year for tweeting that Rowland doesn’t look good without makeup.

Anele Mdoda pic

The “Celebrity Game Night” star was dragged for her comments with American Black Twitter even getting involved.

Since then, tweeps took any opportunity to remind Mdoda that she was wrong for uttering those comments.

So when Rowland posted her lockdown body, it sparked tweeps to come for Mdoda again.

Kelly Rowland tweet

While many users just brought up her initial comments, other users decided to fat-shame Mdoda and insult her looks and figure.

Anele Tweet 1



However, it seems that Mdoda is unfazed by the online bullying and is not changing her original views.

She posted: “Oh I see that low life is showing that he thinks of me more than I think myself. Beyoncé is prettier. My opinion will never change nor make me go off twitter as you twitter bullies like. Smooches 😘😘😘😘 aaaaand trend.”


Source – IOL


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