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Ama Qamata bags role in Rwandan film Fight Like a Girl

Actress Ama Qamata has announced that she has been working on a film in Rwanda and Congo for the past 2 months. Filming has finally concluded on the Fight Like A Girl film and Ama has expressed her excitement at being granted the opportunity to work in Rwanda and Congo while exploring the beauty of the countries.

Ama Qamata

“That is officially a wrap on ‘Fight Like A Girl’. Spent almost 2 months in Congo and Rwanda training and shooting this phenomenal film. What an honour it has been to experience the other side of this beautiful continent and to be completely immersed on the culture,” She said on her Instagram stories.

Ama left Gomora when season two ended after she found out that her step-father/uncle Phumlani is a murderer and ran away from home. When she came back, she got a lift and was killed by Gomora’s dangerous thug, Qhoqhoqho.

Ama Qamata

Ever since then viewers had been devastated at her exit but were also worried that she was not working on anything besides blood and water.

“I am so humbled that in my lifetime I get to witness the growth of Africa in the film industry and how we are telling our own stories, a real dream come true. Cant wait for everyone to see this incredible story,” said Ama.
Leaving Gomora, Ama said, “Can’t even find the right words to type out right now. I’ll keep it simple, thank you Gomora it’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be on the show. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m so blessed to have shared it with you guys.”


“Thank you to the cast, crew, and producers who are like family to me. Thank you, South Africa, for embracing Buhle in your homes and public lol. I don’t take for granted what this show has done for my growth and career, I’m forever humbled and grateful.

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Jojo Robinson

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