AKA treats his mother to Portugal holiday for her birthday

People like to criticise rapper AKA and say he’s not a nice person, and maybe he isn’t always, but he sure knows how to treat those he loves. He decided to send his mother to Portugal for her birthday. What a lucky lady.

Lynn ForbesShowing appreciation to the woman who brought you into this life comes in many forms – hugs, chocolates, flowers, a holiday in Portugal… Rapper AKA has treated his mother, the gorgeous Lynn Forbes, to a holiday in Portugal to celebrate her birthday.


Despite trying to have that ‘tough, takes-no-nonsense’ rapper vibe, AKA is actually a total momma’s boy – he’s often showing her just how much he loves her.

Lynn, also called ‘Glammy’ because she’s such a glamorous grandmother for Kairo, is one proud mommy – she doesn’t mind gushing over her son and everything he’s achieved in his life.

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Source: Briefly