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AKA told by his fans to move on from Bonang heartbreak: Memes

A week after being mocked for his heartbreak, the rapper’s split from Bonang once again became a topic of conversation on his page after he posted a lyric from Kanye West about drinking away your pain.


Poor AKA can’t even use his social media pages to muse about lost love without fans telling him to build a bridge and get over it.

While posting heartfelt and relatable lyrics is often a vital part of healing from a heartbreak, fans were not having any of it. Besides weighing in with their thoughts on the message, they also advised AKA to move on.

They made their points through memes and hilarious comments.





Responding to the teasing he often got on social media over the split, AKA said he was a human being and should be treated as such.

“The problem with Twitter is that people think celebs are some sort of robots here to serve the public. Sit with your keypads at your fingers and try to embarrass us then cry foul when we react. Well, I’m not one of those celebs. I’m a real person. Not a bot. I’m not just data,” he wrote in a post last week.

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