African Stars Who Love Online Casinos

Online casinos are becoming increasingly more popular among South Africans. Who can blame them?

What’s better than playing slots or blackjack from the comfort of your own sofa and even earning some money while at it? Compared to real-life casinos, there’s another plus to online betting – they offer no deposit bonus codes meaning you can try out a new game without suffering any losses. It should also be mentioned that in the last two years since the pandemic hit the country, many gambling lovers have turned to online casinos because the regular casinos have either closed or worked fewer hours.

It doesn’t surprise us that some African celebrities have also fallen in love with the online casino lifestyle. Are you interested to know which celeb you have some things in common with? Read on to find out.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is a famous African American actress. Though she was born in the United States, she traced her roots to the amazing African country of Guinea-Bissau which she’s sad she’s never visited. Whoopi Goldberg is without a doubt the most ardent female celebrity gambler. Whoopi likes gambling at both land-based and online establishments.

On more than one occasion, she offered her thoughts on the state of American gambling culture. Her most divisive remark yet was regarding people who brought their babies and toddlers with them to casinos. Goldberg is of the opinion that youngsters should just not be present in the casinos since they can distract people who are playing. We assume that she frequents online casinos – there are no babies in sight.


One of the most popular R&B singers, Akon, is a gambler at heart. His massive successes such as Locked Up, Belly Dancer, and Lonely helped to establish him as a household name in the 2000s. His respect for his African heritage was highlighted when he claimed he was inspired by the Black Panther and his home city of Wakanda for his latest album.

Acon’s appreciation for Africa doesn’t stop there. This American-Senegalese musician has shared his love of our continent with the world by revealing his huge plans of investing in his home country – Senegal.  He unveiled plans to develop a futuristic metropolis just an hour’s drive away from Dakar, which he hopes would attract tourists. Shopping malls, solar power plants, stadiums, and other amenities should be included in the city’s design.

Yes, there is a massive casino on the list as well. The city is expected to be completed by 2030, however, the project is still in its early stages at this time. Until he builds his roadside casino, we suspect that Akon plays his favourite games from the comfort of his home.


This famous African-American rapper has never shied to express his love of Africa. When he met and married a gorgeous Gabonese woman, he made the decision to become a citizen of this nation. Ludacris traveled to Gabon with his wife and even made a stop in Ghana while on his tour.

Maybe while he was in Ghana he played in some of the best Ghanian online casinos, we’ll never know for certain. Several factors lead us to conclude that the rapper likes gambling at casinos. In his song “Put Your Money Up,” he sings about visiting Las Vegas casinos and playing with chips. In multiple of Ludacris’ other songs, we can notice his love of betting. No one who doesn’t enjoy playing online casino games could have written such lines.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is an actress who has appeared in many films, including Black Panther and Star Wars. She was born in Kenya to Kenyan parents and has become a great sensation throughout the continent. Though we can’t say for sure whether she gambles in casinos herself, Lupita is not opposed to them.

In fact, she demonstrated this when she appeared at the Monte Casino in Johannesburg to promote one of her upcoming movies. We believe that if Lupita Nyong’o was introduced to the online casino scene, she would instantly fall in love with the rush.

Michael Jordan

It is well known that this African-American basketball legend often played poker till the wee hours of the morning during the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Jordan loves to bet so much that he even wagered on who of his teammates would be the first to get their bags at the airport. Michael Jordan’s gambling habit may be most known by his losses.

He notoriously lost $5 million dollars in Vegas and accrued a huge debt as a result of gambling on golf. Though his losses are big, we think that his winnings were also huge. There’s no doubt that this famous gambler has tried out his luck in online betting services too.

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