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Actor Hungani Ndlovu & his wife, Stephanie accused of copying Ghost Hlubi and Seemah

As fans of some of the leading YouTube personalities, we are learning that there is a lot of money to be made in the space. And seemingly, the best way to spend that money is to buy an expensive car for your significant other. A trend which was recently highlighted by Ghost Hlubi and his girlfriend Seemah.

However, it seems that more and more YouTubers are either taking inspiration from Ghost Hlubi or seem to have had the same thought about how to spend their money. The latest of which being the beloved local YouTube couple, Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu, best known for their YouTube channel The Ndlovus Uncut.

The Ndlovus copy Ghost Hlubi and Seemah?

In June 2022, the Ndlovus tagged at the heart of many when they revealed details about the miscarriage they experienced. News that the couple seemed to have shared in light of the then impending announcement that they were now expecting their first child together, which was revealed in a subsequent video.

Following confirming that they were expecting their first child, they seemed to take a maternity and paternity break from YouTube as they adjusted to being first time-parent. However, in July and August 2022, the couple slowly returned to YouTube with videos sharing their pregnancy experience.

However, it was the latest video, which has us wondering if the couple was inspired by Ghost Hlubi and his girlfriend Seema’s latest video.

This is the recent video posted as a 10-minute video sharing the behind-the-scenes action during the couples pregnancy shoot. In the last two-minutes of the video, Hungani shares the surprise revelation of having bought his wife a luxury car as her “push gift.” For those not in the know, a push gift is the latest trend of gifting your partner with a gift for giving birth to one’s child.

While we cannot confirm, Stephanie’s reaction to the car does suggest that she knew about the car. Maybe, she did not know that the car was meant as her push gift. But from her reaction, she seemed happy for its arrival, but whether she was surprised about the fact, well…

Other YouTubers that have copied Ghost Hlubi

Hungani Ndlovu is not the only one to recently attempt to create the Ghost Hlubi and Seemah viral video. Another YouTuber was his friend and fellow YouTuber, Just Daddy G. While he was not intending on spending whatever money, he makes from YouTube on anyone. He did attempt to use his friend’s viral video to ask out someone on Twitter.

Unfortunately, despite the name Daddy G and his confident persona as a casanova on YouTube, it seems that his sauve-ness does not work on everyone. This is as the girl in question made it clear that she was not buying anything the YouTuber was selling, even if it was an expensive car.

Who knows, maybe more and more YouTubers will be buying cars for their significant others to prove just how much money there is in the YouTube space.


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