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7 Mistakes people make during KISSING that drives Bae Away

We all know that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. But did you know that ‘the way to your partner’s heart is through his or her lips’? Probably, not. No one would ever admit that they are bad kissers. But if you ask a person about the mistakes his or her partner make while kissing, there would be no end to the replies you would get. Whether a person admits it or not, from bad breath to hyperactive tongue action, there are many reasons for a kiss to go wrong. Here are a few common mistakes, avoiding which will help you to become a better kisser:

Bad breath

Forget about kissing, it’s even difficult to talk to a person who has bad breath. Sometimes, a person with bad breath is not even aware of the problem and no wonder, their first kiss with a partner may end up being the last kiss. So, the best way to ensure that you have minty fresh breath while kissing is by chewing a piece of gum or a quick rinse with mouthwash before you pucker up.

Hyperactive tongue action

Now this is a tricky situation that many first-time kissers go through. Should you let your tongue explore the new territory like there is no tomorrow or should the tongue be kept in its rightful mouth? Unfortunately, many end up committing this numero uno mistake of French kissing and let their tongue find a new home in their partner’s mouth! The key is to practice a little control.

The stiff kiss

We agree that kissing is not altogether a comfortable experience, especially, if you are kissing a person for the first time. As a result, our body may sometimes react by becoming stiff and, trust us, kissing a person who stands like a pole is not a good experience at all. If you face such a situation, the trick is to take a deep breath and pause a little. Start with small kisses before you go for the grand finale.

The disobedient hands

Now, this is something that most people have to struggle with—where do you place your hands during a heated moment of PASS!ON? Should the hands be holding your partner tight or should it grasp his or her hair as shown in movies? Lost in confusion, a lot of people just let their hands have mind of their own. Hold your partner like you are holding a baby—soft yet firm. Rest your hands on their nape or just wrap your partner in a comfortable hug.

The clash of teeth

This is an embarrassing one—as you lose yourself to the warmth of a passionate kiss, you are suddenly woken up by a frightening sound of your teeth meeting its partner! While some might respectfully ignore it, others might not take it too well. So how do you avoid it? Work on your pucker and go slow, that’s all we can say.

Missing the mouth

Ah! How many of you have missed the mouth and ended up landing your wet lips on your partner’s nose? While a lot of people will be surprised, but a few will nod their heads in agreement. This happens during moments of awkwardness when both the partners are still deciding whether to kiss or not. In this Hamletian confusion, it won’t be a surprise if you miss your aim and land a kiss in a place, which your partner may not like. Be focused if you want to get it right!



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