7 Best Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa (Based on customer reviews)

Without medical aid, going to a private hospital could require you to pay out of pocket. In the event of an emergency, private hospitals must stabilise patients without health insurance and then transfer them to a public hospital. If you wish to take use of South Africa’s top-notch medical facilities, a medical aid plan is essential.

However, the question of who provides the best medical assistance in South Africa must be brought up.

The greater estimated costs of caring for an ageing population mean that the prices of many medical plans and services rise as their beneficiaries get older. Read on to find out which seven medical aid schemes in South Africa are widely regarded as the best.

1.    Bonitas Medical Aid Fund

The South African market share held by Bonitas Medical Aid Fund is 8.3 percent. There are about 731,500 persons who could be helped by Bonitas. This is why so many South Africans choose to purchase their health insurance with Bonitas:

In order to help with the management of chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and mental illness, Bonitas offers a managed care programme.

There are a total of 13 plans available over 9 separate schemes.

They cover the complete cost of treatment for anywhere from 27 to 60 different chronic ailments, and they’ll even ship your medications to you for free.

If you have four or more kids, you get free health insurance. This translates to free childcare for the first three youngsters.

2.    Momentum Health

Many happy people in South Africa can thank Momentum Health for their excellent healthcare. Momentum Health is the third-largest health insurance company in South Africa, serving 284,400 people. Momentum provides a plethora of customizable choices. Numerous governmental, private, and affiliated medical facilities are available.

There are a total of 33 options to pick from, distributed throughout 6 distinct scheme categories. There are no yearly limits on hospitalisations. Medical coverage is a perk of Momentum’s rewards system. There are between 26 and 62 distinct chronic diseases.

3.    KeyHealth

About 69,000 people are covered by KeyHealth’s various plans, and they can choose from six different options. The Gold plan is the most common, with premiums ranging from R1,554 for a single person to R8,761 for a family.

Preventative care and a maternity programme are included in the Health Booster, an add-on that is completely voluntary.

4.    Genesis

In terms of member satisfaction, financial strength, membership growth, average beneficiary age, and quality of service, Genesis is one of the finest open medical plans in South Africa, according to the Hellopeter.com ranking.

5.    Medshield Medical Aid

There is now a combined effort between Medshield and Oxygen Medical Support. More than 110.0 thousand participants are members of this scheme.

Medshield, which was established in 1968, is now the largest medical insurance company in South Africa. Medshield is a trusted company with an AA- rating.

6.    Fedhealth

Members of Fedhealth have access to a variety of affordable medical plans. Fedhealth will cover all of your medical expenses while in the hospital. They also have the option of seeing a doctor or hospital within their network and cover 27 chronic diseases.

7.    Discovery Health

Discovery offers twenty-seven unique health insurance plans spread across seven distinct plan categories. Discounts on things like health club dues, movie tickets, and more are available through the Vitality Points programme. There are additional perks like discovery miles that can be used for plane tickets.

All Discovery Medical Aid plans include comprehensive coverage for hospital expenses.

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