6 Must-Know Hacks for Beginner Kayakers

Kayaking is a fun and exciting hobby or sport to engage in. It is perfect for beginners and will give you a real sense of adventure. And as you learn more, the level of difficulty and adventure can also increase. If you want to try kayaking for the first time, here are things that you should bear in mind for a plain-sailing kayak journey.

It Wouldn’t Hurt To Study The Basics

If you are a beginner in kayaking, just like anything else, you need to study the basics first. Read and learn about the basics such as paddling, emergency situation, proper attire, taking care of your kayak, and even kayak storage ideas. Not storing your kayak properly may result in damage and can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Trust us, the last thing you want to be is in the middle of open water with no idea on what to do. 

The Calmer The Water, The Better

You don’t want to have your first kayaking in a strong current; first, it will be harder for you to control the kayak, and second, it will also be dangerous—Research the water condition and the route that you will take. Moreover, check the weather forecasts and only go when the water and weather are suitable for kayaking. Lastly, find gentle and shallow water to start and launch your kayak to avoid injury and capsizing. 

Choose The Right Boat

Before you start, it is better to choose the right kayak boat first. For first-timers, you can get a sit-on-top kayak as they are easy to enter and exit. They are also more stable and easy to control. While that is good for a beginner, your option is not limited to that. You can get touring kayaks, recreational kayaks, whitewater kayaks, and inflatable kayaks. There are also child-sized kayaks for kids and teens to use.


Be Prepared For Danger

Although kayaking is fairly safe, just like any sport, there are risks that you should bear in mind. Aside from dangerous water conditions, you can also get sick from sun exposure and dehydration. The biggest threat is capsizing, and you should know how to rescue yourself and others. Learn the basic capsize drill and don’t panic, and follow all the necessary steps needed. 

Don’t Forget The Essentials.

Aside from the kayak boat and paddle, there are few things you should bring on your kayak trip every time, such as sunscreen, suitable clothing for any weather condition, a helmet or hat, a dry bag to put all the necessities, light snacks, and water, and spare paddle. If you are a beginner or travelling in a pair or a tiny group, it would be best to bring maps or compasses, whistle or signalling devices, and self-rescue items. Don’t slack on and think that you are bringing too much, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Never Kayak Alone

The last and most important “hack” for a beginner is to never ever go kayaking on your own. Beginners or experts should never go alone no matter how much experience you have. When unforeseen circumstances happen, it is best if you have someone there for you to help.  

Many people worldwide are getting into kayaking. It is an easy sport and fun hobby to have. Before anything else, make sure to learn and study the basics. Nothing beats a fun and safe activity!

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