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5 Stars Who Love Sports

Cameron Diaz Surfing

Although celebrities have busy schedules, take time for hobbies. Some like to knit, like Sarah Jessica Parker, others prefer to bet in Tanzania or play online games. And here are celebrities who spend most of their free time on sports.

Cameron Diaz: Surfing

This Hollywood star stays in great shape. She loves sports and proper nutrition, and even her hobby is also associated with physical activity. She mastered boarding while filming the Charlie’s Angels series in the 2000s. Her character was into extreme sports, and Diaz had to conquer the wave.

Fans remember shots of Cameron in a white swimsuit to this day. But even years after the series, the actress has not changed her favourite sport, though, now engaged in SUP surfing (riding on a board with a paddle).

Justin Timberlake: Snowboarding

The actor and singer modestly admits that he likes basketball and snowboarding. In fact, his abilities are impressive: he masterfully skates on a board on the most difficult tracks. The paparazzi have more than once filmed him during his descent from the mountain. Timberlake is not showing off for the camera but is passionate about this extreme sport.

Patrick Dempsey: Auto Racing

The 55-year-old Dempsey has managed to star in more than a dozen films, he is also known for his role on the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. He manages to combine his career as an actor with auto racing, which he is engaged in at the professional level. Patrick takes prizes and does not imagine life without an extreme hobby.

Kate Middleton: Downhill Skiing

Some people like to bask in the sun, but Prince William and Kate go on vacation to the Alps to ski. They’ve already introduced their eldest son George to the family hobby and are now teaching the sport to Charlotte. Kate Middleton is pretty good at skiing and shares photos from ski resorts on social media.

Orlando Bloom: Mountain Biking

The actor not only cares about the environment by moving around the city on his bike, but he also rides it down the slopes. He also loves motorcycles, and more than once he has been seen on a bike. In one interview, Bloom admitted that if he needs to get in shape for a role, he prefers to pedal. But moving through the streets is not as exciting as riding up mountains – that’s how he gets a dose of adrenaline.