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5 Causes of bad breath & ways to address them


There are many causes of bad breath or halitosis. The condition may result from poor hygiene and sometimes it indicates that you are actually suffering from a more serious illness.

According to WebMD, bad breath occurs as you eat, while you’re eating and sometimes results after your body digests the food you ate. The chemical reactions that occur in your mouth and digestive tracks and the presence of bacteria contribute to the foul smell.


Below are the five most common bad breath causes and their appropriate remedies.


According to MouthHealthy.org, smoking affects the sense of smell that’s why most smokers can’t tell if their breath stinks. The tobacco in cigarettes also reduces one’s ability to taste food and irritates gum tissues. The latter could also lead to gum disease.

The most obvious remedy is to quit smoking. You may also need to visit your dentist for a cleaning session to remove the tar buildup from tobacco.

Gum Disease

Bad breath is also a sign that you have gum disease. Bacteria buildup in plaques leads to formation of cavities. Since bacteria are living organisms, they feed on your mouth and excrete wastes that have a foul smell.

You can prevent gum disease and plaque by using mouthwash. You also need to brush your teeth with toothpaste and make it a daily routine.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as gastric reflux, diabetes, kidney and liver disease cause bad breath. These illnesses adversely affect your body’s immune system making you susceptible to mouth infections. When your mouth is infected with bacteria, it gives off a foul smell.


Food such as onions, coffee and garlic also cause bad breath. They cause too much acid which gives off a foul smell. The acids then affect the air you exhale.

You can prevent bad breath from food by removing them from your diet.

Dry Mouth

When you are dehydrated, your mouth does not make enough saliva. Saliva cleans the insides of your mouth. A shortage of this fluid promotes bacteria buildup making your mouth stink.

Eating healthy foods that require a lot of chewing can help you produce more saliva. These include carrots, apples and sugar-free candies.

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