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5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes

5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes

6Mistake 1: Avoid Fights


Disagreements tend to increase if two people starts to share more and more.In a relationship, We often share almost every moment with our partners. Moreover, married or not we do live together. This is something huge. It is very natural that two people sharing each others moments to have different opinions. These difference most of the time lead to problems and conflicts. Some people may advise you to avoid fighting and ignore conflicts until they pop-up again. This kind of behavior might be the biggest mistake you can ever do to your relationship and yourself. Instead of avoiding conflicts, you should confront them, say what you think even if this may cause a big fight . The couples who never discuss their problems may be worse than a couple constantly arguing. Once partners conceal their problems to make the other one happier, then they are tend to have a drastic downfall.