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4 year old girl brings home crack cocaine from school

Crack Coccaine

A furious mum wants a crèche closed down after her little daughter arrived home munching on “candy teeth” that was actually crack cocaine.

According to news.com.au, Sabrina Straker was in shock last week when her daughter Serenity (4) arrived home from her crèche in the Bronx in New York, America with “candy” the little girl said were like tasty teeth.

The child said her friend at school had given the “candy teeth” to her while they were playing. Luckily Sabrina could see there was something very odd going on with little Serenity, and she made her spit out the “candy tooth” that she’d just popped in her mouth.

Crack Coccaine

“Had my daughter ingested the capsule and not spit it out, I would be planning a funeral,” Sabrina told local news station Fox 21 News.

The sensible mum rushed to the cops so they could use their drug testing kits to find out what exactly these candy teeth were made of.

“Low and behold whatever this test kit is, it was blue and he said, ‘This is what it is. That’s what that means. This is crack cocaine.’ I said ‘What? Come again? No, I didn’t just hear that,” Sabrina said.

Next was the rush for the hospital.

“Serenity couldn’t sit down, she was beyond bouncy, just all over the place, literally, talking to herself, looking in the mirror, saying she sees three of herself. Once they did the urine test it came back positive that she had cocaine in her system,” the horrified mum said.

The director of Serenity’s daycare centre, Yvette Joseph said: “Whatever it was, we think a person threw it over the fence to get rid of it.

“We did a thorough check. The children are fine. We called the parents.”

But Sabrina’s not satisfied.

“I want the school to be shut down. I don’t feel it’s safe for anybody’s child. If they can’t keep eyes on them, they don’t need to be in their care, because this is something very serious,” she said.