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4 days left to Mugabe’s Death day as prophesied by Pastor Philip Mugadza

Today is October 13 and this means its four days to the day in which Pastor Philip Mugadza prophesied that President Robert Mugabe will die and as usual these prophecies have previously been proved to be false.

That they have been made by foreigners who do not even live in Zimbabwe made them to be safe from prosecution over such prophecies. This is unlike Mugadza’s case in which he has been arrested detained and now his case is pending in court for making false prophecy.




But however the state might be waiting for the day in which the President was said would die to prove that Mugadza was lying.

However, proof will be made on Tuesday next week if Mugadza had really heard the message from God when what he said come to pass.


If not then this will authenticate the state claims that he was lying and deceiving the nation claiming to have heard a message from the almighty when not.

Mugadza prophesied that Mugabe will die on October 17 this year a development which led to his arrest.

His recent bid to have his prosecution stopped failed as the ConCourt dismissed his appeal.