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Telkom charges SA businesswoman R8 000 for fibre that did not exist

A South African businesswoman has told a local publication that Telkom has charged her thousands of rand for a fibre upgrade she never received.

According to the customer, she had been contacted by the operator in July 2019 to upgrade her business fibre line speeds at two addresses from 40Mbps to 100Mbps for R1,499 per month.

She agreed to replace her current lines with the new packages, after which Telkom then upgraded the first line to a 100Mbps connection in August 2019.

However, it also started charging for the second 100Mbps line in the same month despite this not being active yet. In addition, the charge for the active 40Mbps line was still being added to her account.

Telkom eventually upgraded the second line to 100Mbps as well in October 2019 but continued to charge for the 40Mbps package. This remained the case for more than a year until January 2021.

Telkom, therefore, owed her for the two months it charged her for the second 100Mbps line in 2019, as well as the 15 months it added the 40Mbps line which was no longer active.

The company confirmed in its subsequent communication with the customer that this incorrect billing amounted to R8,000, although the customer maintains it is closer to R16,000.

Multiple complaints

The customer said she had attempted to rectify the issue through various channels before approaching MyBroadband, but to no avail.

“I have been to a walk-in Telkom at Centurion, have sent numerous emails, phoned more times than I can count, and still nothing happens,” she said.

“I have continuously asked to speak to a supervisor and many of the people I have spoken to have been very helpful but nothing changes,” she added.

She explained she carried on paying the full account as she did not want her company’s service to be cut off by Telkom.

In her communication with Telkom, she indicated that she wanted to stop being billed for a service she did not receive and to be credited for the service she didn’t require.

“I also want Telkom to give me further credit for the inordinate amount of time that I have spent on this mission and the interest on the money paid out,” she stated.

“This is the second issue with Telkom and the last time I had a problem account it took two years to get the credit due,” she stated.

Telkom to credit customer with R8,000

Subsequent to MyBroadband contacting Telkom on the matter, the customer was informed that her account would be credited in the amount of R8,000 for the incorrect charges.

However, the customer said she believed the amount owed was actually R16,000 and said she would appoint a forensic auditor to attend to the matter.

Telkom did not respond to MyBroadband’s queries over why the issue was not solved earlier.

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